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exe that is using too much memory. How can I close these A: The Windows task manager will show process details. On the left side, you have the process name and the memory percentage. If you click on the process name, a menu will show and allow you to kill the process. First check that the three processes in question are genuine Windows processes and not some malware. If so, you can use Ctrl-Alt-Del to start Task Manager. The process with the most memory will be in the top left corner and will have a lock symbol in front of it. Right-click on that and select End Process. Repeat until the processes have stopped and you have no more windows open. Unrecognised pseudomeningocele. We report two cases of pseudomeningocele. The first patient was a 47-year-old woman who presented with a three-week history of headache, nausea, dizziness and gait disturbance. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed a right cerebellar mass. At operation a pseudomeningocele was found and it was successfully excised. Histological examination confirmed a cystic meningeal tumour. The second patient was a 41-year-old woman who presented with a four-month history of headache, vomiting, seizures and gait disturbance. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a right cerebellar mass extending to the fourth ventricle. At operation a cyst was found and it was excised. Histological examination showed a cystic meningeal tumour. We review the literature on pseudomeningoceles and conclude that awareness of the condition is important as it can be confused with other more serious conditions such as glioblastoma.Stress causes cardiac problems Stress, which comes from the Latin words meaning strain, harm or injury, can cause the heart to beat harder and faster, depending on the stressor. Tension can be a mild or a major stressor. Stress can be: A sudden, unexpected event, such as an injury or a major change in one's life Pertaining to one's health Feeling unwell Fear of the future Work-related Other people's behavior A personality trait We can't control many stressors, such as major life events or health problems. But, we can control others. For



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